Mathematical Modeling of Social Systems

This Department studies social processes from the perspective of social systems and networks, as well as the history of science. A systems approach permits a holistic vision of social problems, allowing for the formulation of alternative solutions to complex problems. The lines of investigation call for the integration of transdisciplinary teams; to this end, the Department is made up of researchers from various fields of science –systems science, anthropology, sociology, history and engineering– who collaborate with specialists from other disciplines both within the Institute and elsewhere.

The Department runs a Network Laboratory to analyze large social networks (with over a thousand nodes), which also permits experimentation with different organizational models.

The lines of investigation developed in this Department include the following: social network analysis, development and use of a text-mining platform for research in knowledge management, the impact of technology on web users in different contexts and the impact of technological convergence on transnational corporations and professionals, alternative ways of learning and research for development, history of statistics and probability, sociocultural history of the university, the training and acquisition of the identity of artists in Mexico, participatory strategic planning, planning process and implementation of plans, and historical networks.


University Project on Nonlinear Phenomena and Mechanics Information
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