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Taxco is a place which attracts people worldwide; it is located between México City and Acapulco. It has a colonial landscape, created with resplendent beauty; and it has so much to offer in traditions and fun. its people share with the visitors a great variety of experiences. On its stone pavement streets, the visitors feels a tradition floating in the air, that makes them to travel over the colonial past of Taxco, and to expect new and wonderful surprises in every corner. There are monuments with a history that will never die, and in the middle of all, the comfort of its hotels that satisfy the visitor by its service and kindness, offering him fun,and tranquillity. Taxco has a delicious and varied gastronomy. For the home page of Taxco click here. More information about Taxco and México in general can be found in the pages of Tour by Mexico and Department of Tourism.

Distances in Taxco are short. A taxi ride costs between 15 and 20 pesos ( 1 USD about 9 pesos).


One USD about nine pesos

Hotel Monte Taxco. At five minutes by cable-cabin from the Conference Center. Starting at 150 mexican pesos. Tel. (762) 6221300.

We indicate the estimated walking time from the Conference Center in minutes.

Hotel Posada de la Misión. Cerro de la Misión 32. 15 min. Tel. (762) 6220063. Starting at 150 mexican pesos .
Approximate Range of Prices 75-180 mexican pesos.
El Adobe. Plazuela de San Juan 13. 25 min..Tel.(762)6221416.
El Corcel Negro. San Agustin 6. 25 min..
Bar Paco. Plaza Borda.25 min.. Tel. (762)6220064.
Sr. Costillas. Plaza Borda 1-A. 25 min..Tel (762)6223215.
El Campanario. Benito Juarez 45. 20 min..Tel. (762) 6226966.
Sotavento. Benito Juarez 12. 20 min..Tel. (762) 6220779.
La Ventana de Taxco. Hacienda del Solar. 45 min..

Approximate Range of Prices 50-70 mexican pesos .
Cielito Lindo. Plaza Borda 14. 20 min.. Tel (762) 6220603.
La Joya. Arroyo S/N. Tel. 45 min..(762) 6224424.
Aztlan. Av. De los Plateros S/N. 10 min..
Santa Prisca. Plazuela de San Juan. 25 min..Tel. (762)6220080.
Agua Escondida. Plaza Borda. 25 min.Tel (762)6220736.
Pozolería Tía Calla. Plaza Borda. 25 min..Tel (762) 6225602/ 6220428.

Approximate Range of Prices 40-60 mexican pesos.
La Abuelita. Av. De los Plateros S/N. 15 min..Tel. (762) 6225658.
La Campesina. Av. de los Plateros S/N. 15 min..
Tío Panchito. Av. de los Plateros S/N. 10 min. Tel. (762) 6221773.
Ethel. Plazuela de San Juan S/N. 30 min..
La Concha Nostra. Plazuela de San Juan S/N. 25 min.. Tel.(762)6227944.
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