Applied Mathematics and Systems

At IIMAS research is pursued in dynamical complex systems, both as models of natural phenomena or as theoretical constructs, in mathematical physics, control theory, biology, probability and statistics and the social sciences. The departments within this area are:

  • Mathematical Physics.
  • Mathematics and Mechanics.
  • Mathematical Modeling of Social Systems.
  • Probability and Statistics.

Computer Science and Engineering

Electronic computers were developed to automatize mathematical calculations. This capability has allowed the exploration of complex phenomena which was not possible beforehand. In this way, the use of computers has permeated to all sciences and has found applications in every domain of engineering.

Theory and applications of computer science coexist at IIMAS, contributing to robotics, biomedical imaging and signal processing, pattern recognition, telecommunications, control, artificial intelligence, artificial life, high performance computing, optimization, model checking, combinatorial design, and complex systems. The departments with in this area are:

  • Computer Science.
  • Computational Systems Engineering and Automation.