March 30–April 3, 2017

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By the time of the School, the season is typically dry, with temperatures that fluctuate around 12 C - 26 C. The central campus of UNAM (Ciudad Universitaria) is in the borough of Coyoacán, aproximately 16 Km south of the historic district (Centro Histórico) of México City.

The following list is ordered (mostly) by increasing distance to Ciudad Universitaria; (M-X) stands for Metro line X while (MB) does for Metro Bus.

Ways to IIMAS:
From the hotels listed above, you can reach Ciudad Universitaria by taking either the subway Metro line 3 or the Metro Bus line 1. IIMAS is located on boulevard Circuito Escolar in Ciudad Universitaria.

More information about the Mexico City's public transport system is found here. A map of IIMAS neighborhood is found here (shuttle routes and location of some coffee shops and restaurants are indicated).

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